MF (formerly HPE ) Service Manager is a popular help desk management solution that helps businesses handle change and incident management. Key features include IT processes (incident, problem, change, request and knowledge management) consolidation, Big data intelligence, automated change management and more. But not all EMS Solutions integrates to HPE Service Manager as it is proprietary tool from Microfocus. And even if they could, not all features can be used like auditing, automatic closure of Incidents etc. And thus, customers lack such functionality in their IT Infrastructure. So, to make this work for all, our in-house Intelligence Team at Optic Suites has created a system Integrator called “OpsConnectr” that is specifically built to interface with Microfocus Service Manager and can work with practically any existing EMS solution on the market.

This enables firms to better organise their data across several data sources and databases, resulting in increased data consistency and quality.OpSConnectr allows data to flow between Microfocus Service Manager and practically all EMS solutions. OpSConnectr scans for faults and performance issues on all devices in real time or near real time and instantly writes a ticket without any hassle. When the issue is rectified, OpSConnectr automatically dismisses the Ticket.OpSConnectr is so sophisticated that it will automatically assign tickets to the correct queue. As a result, the entire system becomes more manageable, purposeful, and systematic. OpSConnectr is so adaptable that it may be simply adjusted to meet specific business requirements.

This allows your company to focus solely on the root cause of events in your IT infrastructure without fear of losing customers.


1.    Can be integrated with any EMS solutions in the market

2.    Periodically checks for any fault and performance events

3.    Automatic Opening and closure of Tickets upon issue detected and issue resolved.

4.    Can be customized to meet with the business requirements

5.    An intelligent system that creates no duplicate tickets if already opened

6.    No need to install any other software, just plug and play

7.    No manual intervention needed anymore

8.    Maintains history logs