Enterprise Management System

High experience in implementing various EMS tools available in the industry such as MF Suites CA, IBM, HP, BMC, Nagios, ServiceNow, Dyna Trace, Tableau etc. including exposure in international projects. Optic Suites team has expertise in offering services related to Architecture Design, Assessment, Implementation, Migration, Training & Maintenance of almost all the Enterprise Management solutions.

Optic Suites team also has a dedicated Intelligence team whose primary focus is on developing things like Custom Monitoring Tool, Integration Connector for almost all EMS, EMS Development customizations to make EMS smart and Intelligent and etc.

Our Expertise

1. Identity and access of Users & IT resource
2. User Management, Access control and Directory Authentication
3. Agent based & agentless Monitoring,
4. Event automation with root cause analysis & Performance Reporting.
5. Application & device control management
6. Auto Discovery of devices, Asset Management Incident Management, SLA Calculation, Downtime Calculation.
7. Patch management
8. Assessment and Deployment