Automatic Text Summarize

This project is based on NLP (Natural Language Processing) which summarises any document given in the Word, Excel and pptx Format. There is a new version for this in the pipeline which covers the pdf format.

This project works on NLP which makes the algorithm super robust and more intelligent.

USE-CASE : We had a requirement where any user uploads the document on to the portal and then after that, somebody has to download all those documents and reads through an entire document, and then based on his/her understanding, he/she has to write a summary manually on to some different Portal with some additional information like:

  1. Title
  2. Author
  3. Company names used in the Document
  4.  Summary

Now, consider a scenario where there are thousands of documents uploaded by members and there is a team dedicatedly assigned which downloads all those documents and go one-by-one.

So, for that this project was started where it automatically fetch all the documents , process them and finds all the relevant information out of the document and automatically uploads to the other defined portal.

All that process hardly takes a minute to intelligently find all the required details out of the document.